Screenshots taken from the main area (the bridge) in Eternity Station

A side by side comparison of the orginal paper map and the final level in 3D space

Level Design:

Project Overview:

You play as the sole survivor of Eternity Station. You awoke from cryo-sleep to find the station in disarray: power is out and killer androids are all over. You must keep the station functioning long enough to use the escape pod to leave. You will die if you take too much damage from androids or if too many systems fail at the same time. 

Eternity Station


Level Designer, Producer,  Programmer



Team Size:

5 Developers

My Roles:

Level Designer: Responsible for the conceptualizing, grayboxing, and assembling of the main eternity station level.

Programmer: Responsible for the programming in relation to the enemies and combat.

Producer: Responsible for keeping an accurate track what needed to be done, who was doing what, and holding everyone to the schedule.


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