Project Overview:

High Pitch was made by a Four man team during the 48 hours allotted to them during Global Game Jam 2017. 

In this game you play as Pitch, a robot designed to bring peace to Ismov City by using her sound wave cannon to break rouge crystalline robots. 

High Pitch


Level Designer, Programmer, Producer, Narrative Design



Team Size:

4 Developers

My Roles:

Level Designer: Responsible for the conceptualizing, grayboxing, and assembling of the main eternity station level.​

Programmer: Responsible for all the code involving menus and mechanics such as running, jumping, shooting, and the enemy movement. Not responsible for the code involving animation.

Narrative Design: Responsible for creating the lore for the game.

Producer: Responsible for keeping an accurate track what needed to be done, who was doing what, and holding everyone to the schedule.​

Level Design:

Narrative Design:

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