Final layout in editor 

Paper maps from the final version


Level Designer, QA Tester

Layouts and the beginning of prop placing from the second scale

Project Overview:

HuntFell is a third-person isometric game made in Unity where the player takes the role of a hunter who is exploring an old mansion in search of the monster that is living there. the player must track down notes and journals to reveal more information about how the monster came to be in the space and how best to defeat it.


This project was undertaken by 18 people from the end of January 2018 till the beginning of May 2018.




Team Size:

18 Developers

My Roles:

Level Designer: My role as level designer changed multiple time as the scale of the project changed over time: At first I was in charge mapping, greyboxing, and layouts of two of the four planned wings of the mansion however, these only made it to the greyboxing phase before the project scale was changed to one mansion layout and I took over as the only level designer on the project this lasted till the placing of props in the rooms until the scale was readjusted to a slightly smaller mansion but requiring more iteration.


Level Design:

Paper maps from the original scale (one of five for each wing)

Original layout of the first wing before rescope

Paper maps from the second scale

Biggest Challenge:

I’ve learned multiple things about level design including: The need to have a logical space that makes sense in the real world but also a space that is enjoyable for a player to explore and the scope of the game or project is ever changing and with that the level design has to change to reflect that, and this could mean scrapping everything and starting over or editing the current work to better fit the format. 

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