The first person view from the perspective of only one person

View from the Start of the round with the implemented split screen

A top down view of the ruined City

Project Overview:

One Shot, One Kill is a two player, splitscreen, local multiplayer, arena shooter. It requires two controllers to play. When the game is opened the players will find themselves at the main menu. The players then choose two of three powers they will have access to in the game, These include: slow time, invisibility, and dash and finally the players choose the level to play in. There are two options: The larger ruined City or the smaller warehouse.

One Shot, One Kill


Level Designer, Producer



Team Size:

4 Developers

My Roles:

Level Designer: Responsible for the conception, layout, and construction of the Ruined city level

Producer: Responsible for keeping an accurate track what needed to be done, who was doing what, and holding everyone to the schedule.

Level Design:

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